One of my clients asked if they really needed Gmail for business.  After thinking about it for a minute, I realized why I use it for my business.  My personal decision to choose google business included these factors:

  • The number 1 reason is the SPAM filtering Google has – saves me at least an hour per day skimming unnecessary emails
  • The virus protection is very good, better than most filters
  • I retired my server in my office and moved to using Google docs to store shared files – I dropped the $150 per month to have it backed up off site and all the cost to maintain it
  • The calendar functions for shared events and integrating with other vendors like vCita and are super easy with Gmail – plus I like the way it shows up on my phone
  • Gmail has never let me down on me like ALL other previous email has (including my own in house server and webmail) – undeliverable, bounce-backs, etc.
  • I am saving storage on my computer
  • I do not have to back up my email to have it years later
  • Plus all the other apps it includes, attached to your gmail:
    • Google+
    • Google My Business
    • Google analytics
    • Youtube
    • Google hangouts, etc.
  • Finally their free support is off the charts, by phone

I am a fan.  Click here if you would like a free trial.