Kim Burney

Attraction Center Publishing began as a way for me (Kim Burney) to print books that I have written.  I wanted to print my own books and found that it was easier to become a publisher and control my own destiny.  I was writing a technical book that I wanted to be able to have classes and teach courses with, so I didn’t want a publisher to have the rights over my book.  I wanted the flexibility to create more products based on my book.

Understanding that a best seller status propels you into a higher level as a speaker, I took several courses on how to become a “best seller.”  Those courses have given me the insight to move my own projects to a new level.  With all this knowledge I figured that I might as well help others through the same process.  That is how Attraction Center Publishing began…

There are so many great writers in the world that just don’t know how to get published. I am offering an alternative to traditional publishing.  Offering digital printing, social media marketing, scalable publishing services; I can help you from where you are at this moment.

We also set up websites to help promote our clients.