Website Hosting with Attraction Center Publishing

We bill annually for website hosting for your website.¬† In case you don’t understand what “hosting” means…

Hosting is where your website is stored on a server and provides connectivity to the internet so people can see your website. ACP’s hosting is on a dedicated server (meaning only our clients are on this server) with HostGator. HostGator’s servers are in a Tier 1 data center – which is secure and redundant so your website shows up on the internet 99.9% of the time. So if a hurricane hits Texas where the main servers are located, they can switch over the sites to another location, say in Silicon Valley so your website stays live. We have had great success with HostGator since March of 2007 to today – we were only down one time due to technical difficulties with HostGator in all these years – though we did have to reboot the server 2 other times due to our error in setting up something new. ūüôā

We have chosen to keep a dedicated server all these years for a few reasons:

  • It is more secure when you know whose websites are on the server with your website
  • We have never been black-listed for SPAM (we really control email and prefer our clients use Google For Business email)
  • If there is a problem we have direct access at a top level with HostGator for immediate attention
  • We are quickly notified if something strange is going on so we can avert trouble
  • When there are potential issues with viruses and hacking (as we have seen so much of lately) HostGator is on top of the situation

In order to spend less time on billing and more time on serving our clients we have automated the billing process.¬† Please pay your annual hosting bill by choosing the best plan for you…


1 Payment @ $120 includes website hosting for 1 year – billed annually.


2 Payments @ $75 includes website hosting for 1 year Рbilled every 6 months for a total of $150.


3 Payments @ $60 includes website hosting for 1 year Рbilled every 4 months for a total of $180.


 4 Payments @ $50 includes website hosting for 1 year Рbilled every 3 months for a total of $200.

If you also owe for your domain name – click on the button below to add to your cart (just come back to the page and click – it will add to the cart) and then you can pay for your entire purchase at one time.


You may pay by check, please send your Payment of $120 to:

Kim Burney
603 Smithson Ave.
Erie, PA 16511

If you have any questions please email or call Kim Burney:

info @

817-751-4563 (Kim Burney)

NOTE: In order to keep our hosting cost low we do not include any maintenance of your website with the hosting plans. We take care of the server and make sure it is up to date, it is your responsibility to keep your website up to date.  If you would like for us to do any work on your website Рplease call or email (info above this note). We charge by the hour or a flat rate Рdepending on the work required.