About NFBEC:

The National Faith-Based Empowerment Coalition (NFBEC) is comprised of leading ministers committed to leveraging the OZ Program to transform their communities. Their effort is designed to spur investments for restoration, transform jobs into careers and create measurable and sustainable community and human capital development that is in alignment with the restoration of families and the renewal of values in our youth. The NFBEC has established a comprehensive framework for facilitating high impact investments. And, also serves as a bridge between the private investors and developers and the faith institutions and other local leaders on the front line of community development.

About NIIA:

NIIA is an alliance comprised of investment and development industry leaders from the public and private sector committed to assisting local governments to secure financing and technical assistance for their priority public-private partnership infrastructure projects. Many of these projects are likely to be located in areas designated as Opportunity Zones. NIIA also, among other things, hosts OZ EXPOs around the country that bring together OZ stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices in the design, implementation and management of investments to maximize economic and social impact. Additionally, the OZ EXPOs provide key private sector, municipal and state government stakeholders a window in on the U.S. Department of Treasury’s regulatory framework and process through which the OZ Program will operate.

Board Officers

Revered Zagery J. Oliver, Board Chair and CEO
Bishop Leon Benjamin, Vice Chair
Leroy Smith, Treasurer
Carolyn Smith, Secretary
Chuck Vollmer, Director

Board of Advisors

Reverend. Loune Rouse, PHD
Pastor of the United Methodist Church in Long Island
Co-Chair of American Clergy Leadership Conference

James C. Stanley
Vice Chairman
International Center for Religion and Diplomacy

Charles D. Vollmer (“Chuck”)
Jobenomics, Founder & President

Richmond S. McCoy
President & CEO, Urban America

Dr. Michael Jenkins
International President
Universal Peace Federation
Chair of Washington Times Foundation

Rev. Representative Terry Alexander
Member of the House of Representative,

State of South Carolina District No 59- Florence – Darlington Counties

David Morgan, Esq.
Co-Founder and President, Multicultural Media Correspondents Association

Executive Team

Zagery Oliver, CEO
Endura Givens, Chief Program Officer